DAS and Small Cells

The modern consumer expects coverage in all of their daily activities. Historically, cellular carriers have had coverage issues in large buildings (casinos, malls and sporting venues) and in areas where rooftop and tower collocation are not possible. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cells are the new answer to these challenges. Small Cells allow for network densification in order to assist with the growing demand for data while the deployment of DAS nodes can help bring coverage to outdoor and indoor venues. Whether outdoor or indoor, our staff of engineers can make sure your installation is structurally sound and ready to meet the needs of your customers.


Carpenter & Cross can assist with all of the structural needs for a Small Cell deployment whether the new antennas need to be mounted lower on an existing tower, rooftop, distribution pole, or street light. Our diverse experience in the architectural and telecommunications industries also makes us the perfect structural engineering partner for your DAS deployment.

Indoor DAS

For your indoor DAS projects, our experienced staff can assist by providing an analysis for any part of your building. Our team can also help secure your equipment. We can design and analyze equipment mounts or connections so you can mount a node wherever it works best for your network. If custom camouflage is needed for an indoor installation, Carpenter & Cross can design it and help keep your equipment hidden.

Outdoor DAS

For your outdoor DAS and Small Cell projects our engineers can analyze existing distribution poles and light poles to determine their ability to support the proposed telecommunications equipment . We can also design specialty poles to meet a specific need or to help camouflage equipment.

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– N.W. Dougherty