Today’s evolving industry requires a wide array of equipment to be placed on a telecommunications tower. The movement from 3G to 4G LTE has led to an increase in the number of tower mounted radios, surge protectors and diplexers installed on tower mounts. In some cases the move to LTE has also led to an increase in antenna size and an increase in antenna quantity. This additional loading is now placing more stress on equipment mounts than ever before.

Mount Analysis

Carpenter & Cross is capable of analyzing new or existing mounts to ensure the safety of a proposed installation for the customer, tower owner and future tower climbers. Our engineers will analyze the mount along with the existing or proposed equipment loading in accordance with either the Electronics Industry Association EIA/TIA-222-F 1996 Standard or the TIA-222-G-2 2009 Standard. If the proposed or existing loading is found to be acceptable, we will produce a stamped report which can be submitted to the local jurisdiction.

Custom Mount Design

Sometimes a unique solution is needed. If a mount is found to be insufficient for the loading in question, our experienced engineering staff can design a mount stabilizer kit or even create a custom mounting solution for your specific project.

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– William A. Smith